Styles of Lunchboxes

With our ever changing fast lives the use of packed lunch boxes has increased with us being more aware and conscientious of what we eat on a day to day basis. Taking our healthy meals prepared at home into work or school.

In the past they originally carried their lunch back and forth to work in metal tabacco tins, tin plate boxes or the wealthy in their carved wooden boxes, together with their sandwiches wrapped in hankerchiefs.

Thankfully as time has moved on so did the design of lunchboxes in 1935 the first character lunchbox was made and in 1904 the first thermal flask was. Where as in present times the majority of lunchboxes are now of a more sturdy design and our lunchbags have insulated materials to keep food chilled for longer. As in the past food was not kept at the right temperature.

With many designs available now on the market personal taste does come into it and what best suits your need on a day to day basis.


This type is normally a plastic food container with or without handles, you may come across one with a colourful or vibrant design to appeal to children, or plain food containers to store your sandwiches/salad for work. Some may fit neatly into insulated lunchbags.

Lunch Bags

Again coming in many different styles and shapes, whether its insulated or not like the fabirc tote bags that look like handbags, character theme lunchbags that will apeal to children designed with their favourite character.

When purchasing a lunch bag do try to purchase an insulated one to try to keep your lunch cool for longer to prevent bacteria growth.

Did you know bacteria loves warm temperatures and rapidly grow between 5-60 degrees?

As whenever you carry chilled food try to keep it as cool as possible by adding an ice pack/block into your lunch bag or box. If you make your lunch the night before, store in the fridge overnight.

Bento Lunchbox

These are normally food containers with separate compartments to separate your lunch, coming from the Japenese designs, many parents make creative designs for their children not to get bored with their packed lunch each day

As with all products the choice is yours and what fits into your daily routine please enjoy browsing our store with many lunchware accessories to help you have an enjoyable lunch.
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